Leupold green ring Binoculars are conventional binoculars which are technically updated to satisfy the growing needs of the binocular user’s market.

With the ability to have enhanced magnification resolution Leupold green ring binoculars are coated with highest quality material which provides resistance not only against rugged conditions but also keep it waterproof against tropical conditions.

The Leupold green Ring Binoculars have the capability of zooming up to 42 mm range which is higher than the conventional range of the binoculars. Though the maximum resolution might eventually blur the final image.

The lense of Leupold green ring binoculars are phase coated with prim which not only enhances the final image but also brightens the picture as it enables more light in to the lens which shows shows clear picture in low brightness conditions.     

Competent low-light performance, comfortable to use and capable optics are all blended evenly into this one pair of binoculars.

  1. Highest quality of materials.
  2. 100% waterproof.
  3. Ten times zoom-capability.
  4. BAK4 roof prism optical design.
  5. Anti-reflective, fully-multicoated lenses that enhance light transmission for ultra-bright and clear images.


  • Built to last construction.
  • Optimal viewing range of 42mm.
  • Phase-corrected, prism coatings minimize internal light distortions for better clarity.


  • Not much good resolution.

Last but not the least, the Leupold Green Ring Binoculars are built for long term usage which makes it not only durable but also reliable in the future.