Introducing Celestron 71454 Echelon 20×70

To satisfy the growing needs of the customers, Celestron Binoculars are highly equipped with technically advanced features which makes it to the top of the list among elite binoculars.  

They are specifically created for astronomy and long-range observation and hence highly recommendable for serious astronomers who want to observe the finer details of the astral bodies they are looking at in the sky.

The Celestron Binoculars are made to sustain rugged and unpredictable weather and undue circumstances. The outer body of the Celestron is made up of Aluminium which makes it durable and reliable in long term perspective. In addition to its rugged outlook, the adaptability of Celestron Binocular is enhanced by its exceptional capability to adjust to a tripod stand.

With this enhanced feature of tripod adjustability it can be used to have better and stable image capturing option. The unique feature about Celestron Binocular is its high performing and extensive magnifying capability.

The objective lens of Celestron Binoculars is 70 mm large which depicts two main quality features of it. First of all, its 70 mm large binocular magnifying lens enhances the zooming capability of Celestron Binoculars three folds in comparison to conventional binoculars available in the market.

Secondly, the large magnifying lens size of Celestron Binoculars enables extra light to enter in the binocular lense. The 70 mm magnifying lens makes the image even brighter than conventional binoculars. The higher lens size of 70 mm enables brighter image even in the low lightning conditions.    

The highly enlarged 70 mm objective lens make it highly capable in long term usage when focusing on long range terrains. In addition to it, the unique feature of Celestron Binocular is its porro prism adjustability.

The porro prism binoculars of Celestron Binocular is the state of the art feature which enables higher zooming ability and in depth perspective of the image being viewed. Beyond expectations Celestron binoculars have managed to keep the binoculars lightweight despite the fact that they’re using 70 mm magnifying glass.

This depicts the fact that the Celestron binoculars are so well engineered and perfectly designed that it has kept it lightweight thus eventually makes it easier to carry around without hindering the maneuverability of the user.

In addition to it, the Celestron Binoculars are not only waterproof but are also resistant to glaze and fog. This unique feature of anti fog glass binoculars make it perfect for use in all sort of environments and terrains.

To enhance the lifeline of Celestron Binoculars the outer boundary is well covered with the rubber exteriors which even amplifies the lifeline of the binoculars to be used in rugged conditions.

  • Large 70-mm objective lens for high-performance in low-light conditions.
  • Aluminium construction.
  • Porro prisms with the BAK-4 glass for a better perspective and depth.
  • Tripod Adaptable.
  • Long Range Terrestrial.
  • Anti-reflective, fully multi-coated optics.
  • Lightweight.
  • Fog and waterproof.
  • High impact resistance due to rubber exteriors.
  • Very solid and durable built meeting high standards of quality.
  • Negligible fringing, that too only in case of high contrasting images and objects.
  • Extremely long eye relief.
  • Waterproof carry case.
    • Slightly expensive.
    • A bit heavy.
    • Lens covers does not match the quality of the rest of the instrument.
    • Separate adjustment of each eyepiece is a little slow for certain types of viewing.