They are incredibly versatile, high powered binoculars which are compact and lightweight which makes them a great buy for outdoorsy types. The brand name of Canon itself signifies the worth and credibility of the product. In the domain of Cameras, Binoculars and electronic gadgets of similar nature, Canon is a renowned name.

As per the expectation, Canon brings out its high tech and up to the mark Ultra compact binoculars. The Canon ultra compact binoculars come with an automatic self image stabilizing sensor. This sensor comes in real handy when going through an unstable surface or even under the scenario when the object is moving.

Thus, to capture a perfect view Canon ultra compact binocular is the most suitable option. At that moment the auto sensory image stabilizers are real life saviours. In addition to it, the Canon Ultra Compact Binoculars are entirely coated with water resistant surface which makes it my first choice.

Not only because of its water resistant surface capability but also because it ensures long term durability and survival of the binocular against rugged conditions. The extensive magnifying capability of Canon’s ultra compact binoculars are well adjusted to sharpen the image even in fully zoomed state.

In comparison to general astronomical binoculars, the Canon Binoculars are enabled with self image sharpening option which avoids blurry and distorted image around the corner and outer edge of the lense.

The lens of Canon ultra compact binoculars are assisted with doublet field flattener which keeps the image sharp and undistorted even when the lens is magnified to its fullest zoom. Unlike many conventional binoculars which actually blurs the image around the corners and also present a distorted picture upon zooming it to its fullest magnification.

Since Canon is renowned for its high tech and user friendly cameras and binoculars, therefore they didn’t overlook the perspective of their customer’s comfort in the Canon ultra compact binocular either. Canon have an additional feature of long eye relief extension.

This long eye relief lens design is specifically mechanized and engineered to assist the users who wear glasses and have eyesight issue. Unlike the conventional binoculars, Canon ultra compact binocular can also be used without taking your glasses off as it is user friendly and well compatible with glasses due to its long eye relief featuring lens design.

Despite the fact that whether you’re in a hot dry region or in the tropical region where weather is unpredictable and rainy, you can use Canon ultra compact binoculars everywhere due to its durable and waterproof exterior surface.

In addition to it, if you’re looking for some off road adventure or some hunting expedition, Canon’s ultra compact binoculars are suitable for all terrains and road trips. Though the Canon ultra compact binocular is user’s first choice and is well engineered and mechanically designed to fulfill all the needs of the customers however there is a slight caution to it.

The Canon ultra compact binocular needs a power source, that is a battery, to function up to its full extent. Specially for the feature of image stabilization and less blurry or less distorted picture, Canon might require a battery source to give you an unmatchable experience.

  • Built-in image stabilizer.
  • Doublet Field Flattener that reduces distortion to a great extent for a sharp image even at the outer edges.
  • Water Resistant Coating.
  • “Long Eye Relief” lens design. It is convenient for those who wear glasses and who don’t want to take them off while using binoculars.


  • Perfectly eliminates the blurriness with minimal fringing and haze around stars.
  • Wide field of view.
  • Very handy. Can be easily used for wildlife/hunting viewing, travelling or if you get caught in a rainstorm.
  • Relatively less expensive.


  • Require batteries for the image stabilizing function to work.