A rangefinder is an innovative handheld gadget of modern times that helps hunters, photographers, golfers and others calculate the distance and accuracy from a distance. This powerful handheld gadget is designed to provide a close-up of the range, providing the viewer a magnified vision with its remarkable magnification abilities, however, despite this similarity, it is very different from binoculars.

The rangefinder can be used for various different purposes as its abilities can provide a wide range of solutions for archery, golfing, hunting and even photography. Certain rangefinders are designed for a specifically close range use, and therefore, they lack magnification for greater distances.

Other rangefinders are designed for very long range use, and they feature high quality glass optics with multiple coatings, large objective lenses and large exit pupils that provide superior magnification, and even multiple targeting with ranging modes.

In this article, we will help you find the best rangefinder to cater to your needs by helping you understand your need, and review some of the best rangefinders in the market.

Reviews of the Best Rangefinders

1.Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000       

Leica is an incredibly reliable name when it comes to creating durable and innovative rangefinders, and the Rangemaster CRF 2000 is powered with a dynamic ballistic program for greater precision!

The new Rangemaster CRF 2000 is an outstanding gadget that is extremely easy-to-use and designed with the innovative, built-in ballistic program, which provides superior and accurate vision. It features a style savvy design with a sooty black finish, featuring highly durable encasing that will keep the gadget safe as you make your way across unpredictable terrains and woods.

Whether you are a marksman or a hunter, the Rangemaster CRF 2000 is capable of providing ballistic data that proves to be accurate regardless of the long-range distance you intend to scale. This rangefinder measures the angle to the target, using an integrated inclinometer, temperature sensors, air pressure, barometric readings, horizontal range and minutes of the angles.

The 24mm objective lens has been designed with AquaDura treatment and 7X magnification to provide superior and accurate optics, and the pre-programmed ballistic curves make it an indispensable gadget for all kinds of situations. It can reduce 1000 yards to a mere 347 feet!

It provides a 15mm eye relief, and the durable design is extremely compact and lightweight, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It is a budget-friendly pick for superior vision and great accuracy.

2.Nikon 8397 Aculon Laser Rangefinder  

Nikon has made itself a popular name in the market for cameras and lenses, and the 8397 Aculon Laser Rangefinder is a powerful and durable gadget, which will delight you with its competitive price tag!

This affordable laser rangefinder is reigning over the market with its budget-friendly price-tag, and all the essential features in one package. It has the perfect mode and magnification for superior accuracy and vision. The design is extremely compact and lightweight, protected with a durable material that is waterproof. It features an outstanding portable design, with greater ease-of-use, thanks to the single button operation.

This rangefinder is the best practical option for those who are constantly on the move, along with excelling all its counterparts in terms of accuracy and precision. This powerful rangefinder features a measurement range of 6-550 yards, which will always remain consistent, and the 6X magnification promises a crystal clear vision, powered with superior quality optics.

Its promises a clearer and more accurate vision, regardless of the distance and yards, and the distance can be calculated as soon as you press the button. This rangefinder is powered by a single CR2 battery, and if the device has not been used to for 8 seconds, it will power down automatically. This lightweight and portable rangefinder promises a powerful range of vision, various innovative modes to adapt to lighting conditions, and superior magnification abilities.

3.Leupold RX-650       

The Leupold RX-650 is a dynamic gadget that promises an impressive range of distance, 650 yards, superior magnification power, high contrast LCD and a host of other user-friendly features!

If you’re looking for an affordable bargain that suits your budget and provides all the innovative features you need while scanning the horizons for your prey, or even scaling the distance before you aim for your next shot. The Leupold RX-650 has a dynamically well-built design, and its user-friendly features make it extremely easy to use.

It provides an extremely accurate vision out to the distance of 650 yards, and its high contrast LCD makes it easier to spot the measurements regardless of whether its day or night. This rangefinder comes with a standard CR-2 lithium battery, a lanyard, and a cordura case.

Even though the manufacturers have designed this rangefinder to provide impressive clarity up to the maximum range of 650 yards, however, many customers have reviewed that this rangefinder actually managed to provide extremely precise measurements with great clarity with a wider usable range, out as far as 725 yards. However, long-range shooters and archery enthusiasts might be disappointed by the lack of ballistic compensation.

Leupold has designed the RX-650 to provide an impressively user-friendly experience, and its single-button operations, accompanied by a 20mm objective lens, making it a fabulous bargain. It offers a generous field of view of 336 feet at 1,000 reading yards. Moreover, it operates in two modes: single-range and scan mode. The light gathering and light transmission abilities are utterly spectacular, however, the display is not backlit.

4.Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition

The Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector is a unique and tough gadget that allows a user-friendly single-button operation, and a powerful range of 600 yards with 4X magnification.

The insanely cool camouflage exterior of this waterproof and impressively compact rangefinder comes with a durable and tough design, and an extremely accurate and precise measurements of distance with a maximum range of 600 yards, and 1 increment reading yards. This 4x21mm laser rangefinder is a highly accurate device with competitive light gathering abilities, and a wide range of valuable modes and features.

This laser rangefinder is a very simple device, and extremely easy to use, and it provides you’re the ability to view the distance or your target object with 4X magnification for greater clarity. It provides a field of view of an impressively wide 320 feet at 1,000 reading yards, while the eye relief is fairly comfortable at 20mm. The single-button operation allows it to be used with great flexibility, while the design itself is rather charming.

The Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone is an extremely affordable bargain and it offers all the innovative features and modes that are found in an expensive laser rangefinder. It is auto-focusing with rainproof housing, however, it may not be the ideal choice for long-range shooters and hunters.

5.Bushnell G Force Arc Laser    

The Bushnell G Force Arc Laser promises an impressive precise range of 1300 yards, with superior clarity, 6X magnification, and a vividly display technology with 3 highly innovative modes, and a great deal more…

If you’re shopping on a tight budget, this laser rangefinder is your ultimate pick given all its innovative features and mode, and distance range of 1300 yards with superior clarity and 6X magnification optics. This rangefinder is extremely easy to use, and its single-button operation allows greater flexibility, accompanied with a compact size that will fit right into the palm of your hand.

The G Force Arc Laser comes with automatic focus and dioptre adjustments, along with Bushnell’s bulletproof guarantee. This rangefinder is brimming with innovative features, for instance the impressive Vivid Display Technology for superior contrast and light transmission, along with a 6x21mm laser, and the Bushnell’s second generation Extreme Speed Precision (E.C.P), which provides lighting fast reading yards abilities with ½ yard accuracy to the range of 199 yards, with 1 increment reading yards.

It has three iconic modes: Bull’s Eye Mode, Brush Mode, and Scan Mode, which allow you to filter out the surroundings and measure the distance of specific objects with greater magnification. This laser rangefinder also features a built-in Angle Range Compensation, which will provide you the exact distance towards your target, after calculating the distance of both, downslopes and up-slopes.

FYI: Factors to Seek in a Reliable Rangefinder

In order to make sure you pick out the right rangefinder that meets all your requirements and preferences, you must first, understand your own needs. Your choice must be based on various factors, such as the design, range, display, and increment reading yards amongst others.

Let’s take a look at these factors that will help you make a good buying decision:


The range is an extremely important aspect, and it will vary depending on your needs, for instance, if you need a laser rangefinder for hunting and observing your prey, then, it must have a maximum range of 800 or more yards. If you’re using it for archery and others, you can work with a lower range of 500-800 yards. Often, certain rangefinders are unable to provide clear vision and precision up until the maximum range of yards that claim to provide.


The display is the second most important feature, and you can choose your pick from a wide range of variety, from black screens to vivid LCD screens and more. The display you choose will depend on your budget, along with your needs of light balancing. If you need the rangefinder mostly at night, it is best to invest in an LCD screen.


Magnification is undoubtedly the most vital determinant of accuracy and precision, and you need to find a rangefinder that can provide you at least 6X magnification abilities. Again, this factor depends on your needs, whether you are using the rangefinder to spy on your game, such as deer or elk, or you simply want to track your targets in long-range shooting or archery.

Objective lens

Objective lens are by far the most innovative feature that a laser rangefinder can provide, and it basically works by gathering light from the object or animal that you are observing, and then it focuses these light rays to develop a real image. This feature proves to be extremely beneficial for hunters and long-range shooters.


If you plan to do a lot of trekking the woods and trotting through water bodies as you make your way through the mountains, investing in a waterproof rangefinder is the best way to make sure your investment stays immune to harm from water.


A rangefinder is meant to be a compact and portable device that can fit into the palm of your hand and be added to your luggage without increasing the weight. So, think smart and pick out a lightweight rangefinder.

Increment Reading

Increment reading is an extremely beneficial feature as it allows the rangefinder to provide greater accuracy and measurements beyond the distance of the range of yards it has been designed to provide. Most popular and budget-friendly rangefinders in the market increment reading of 1 yards.


Durability is a simply indispensable feature, after all, you don’t want to invest your money in a brittle gadget that cannot bear the hardships of an unpredictable journey. You need a sturdy and durable rangefinder made with superior quality material to shield the exterior from wear and tear.


If you’re planning to make your way through unpredictable terrains, carrying a rangefinder that is not portable would only make it a short-lived help that would soon become a liability. You need a portable device that is lightweight and compact.


A compact rangefinder is the most indispensable item for hunters, archery enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and long-range shooters. The more compact your rangefinder will be, the more useful, flexible and easy-to-use it will prove.


The accuracy and precision of the rangefinder will naturally determine its ability to prove beneficial for your hunting or shooting trip. A laser rangefinder is presently the most promisingly innovative and accurate gadget in the market that can provide you superior accuracy and a wider range of distance. We strongly recommend you to test out the rangefinder to examine its accuracy and precision before making your final choice.


First and foremost, you need to plan out your budget and allocate an amount that you are willing to spend on the rangefinder. Naturally, your budget will determine the quality, features and innovation of design that you can invest in.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Invest in the Best Rangefinder

In this section, we have compiled a comprehensive buying guide to revisit the most essential factors that you need to seek out in order to find the best rangefinder within your allocated budget.

Let’s take a look at these factors:


A rangefinder proves extremely useful in examining the distance, and this gadget is indispensable for hunters, wild life photographers, archery enthusiasts, and long-range shooters. It will help stalk your prey from a reasonably safe distance, along with measuring the distance of the shoot so you can make an accurate shot the first time. A rangefinder is also useful for photographers, and archery training.

The rangefinder you chose will depend entirely on your perceived usefulness of this device. If you’re an experienced hunter or a long-range shooter, you need a heavy-duty and advanced laser rangefinder with an LCD screen and a range of distance of at least 1300-1500 yards. However, photographers and archery trainers can always rely on more low-key rangefinders.

Lightweight & Compact

Be sure to pick out a lightweight and compact rangefinder that is portable, and can comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. The best rangefinder will provide single-button operations that allow great flexibility and superior ease-of-use, regardless of the terrain and unpredictability you encounter on your hunting or shooting trip. A heavy device will only pose to be an additional burden that you’ll have to carry.

Durable & Waterproof

Durability is an extremely essential feature that simply cannot be compromised because low quality plastic exteriors often tend to fall apart with the slightest bit of wear and tear.

You need a durable and sturdy rangefinder that features superior quality metal or plastic exterior, and no matter what you do, don’t pick out a brittle rangefinder while trying to land the cheapest bargain. Secondly, be sure to pick out a waterproof and dust resistant rangefinder because water damage can easily occur on hunting and shooting trips in the wild.

Advanced Display & Objective Lens

Investing in an objective lens would be the most beneficial choice as it the most advanced technology and will help you measure the distance along with creating real-life images of the object that you are observing. Moreover, an advanced display powered with an immersive LCD screen or even Vivid Display Technology will help you achieve accurate and precise measurements regardless of the natural lighting conditions throughout your journey.


we would like to remind you that the best rangefinder that will prove useful for your journey will depend entirely on your requirements, needs and preferences. If you’re making a hunting or long-range shooting trip, you must consider investing in an advanced laser rangefinder with an immersive LCD screen and objective lens with greater magnification.

However, a regular rangefinder can prove useful for archery training, wildlife photography and other uses. But there is simply no denying that the more innovative and advanced technology you invest, the more useful, accurate and enjoyable you will find the experience of measuring the distance.