Is your hunting gear not providing you protection against downpour? Outdoorsmen face a great deal of difficulty while hunting for animals. One of the many reasons their journey is offset from its due course is because of changing climatic conditions. It is most vital that actions must be taken to avoid these adverse circumstances. Hunters rigged with appropriate hunting rain gear remain consistent in their journey as compared to those who choose to terminate from their course due to extreme weather conditions. Whether you are planning a day out in the tropical rain forests or fox hunting with a group of friends, you need  suitable gear to keep yourself dry. These articles do not only provide resistance against rain but are also superficially equipped in providing insulation. Anyone who wishes to carry on their tasks without being countered by a jiff of rain, should look into the benefits of these goods.

You will find yourself lucky, because this buyer’s guide offers valuable insight into the best gear available. It also shows the most convenient options for your next extravaganza.

Cabela’s Rain Suede

Some of the hunters often face trouble while selecting rain jackets that do not concord with desired camo patterns. If the camo patterns don’t work well with the environment, there is a little chance that these patterns will suit your needs.

Cabela’s Rain Suede Packable Parka and Pants offers water resistance with the presence of storm flaps. It may not be 100% waterproof, but it offers reasonable protection against rain. The front zipper has a storm flap that covers it all over. The fly pant includes a casual elastic waist that offers ease while pulling the pants off and on. Suspender loops and belt loops along with ankle knee zippers provide the support under the pelvic region.

You can get yourself hiking boots (your size) with these pants and you’ll see that they get off with the utmost ease. Ample pockets on the jackets and pants are spacious to put your carry on items. This way you don’t have to look around into your backpack repeatedly.

Under Armour Ridge Reaper

The Under Armour Ridge Reaper has a variety of variations such as Ridge Reaper early season, LS, Primaloft and Shell. The early season and soft shell suits are quiet and have a waterproof lining. If it’s rather windy in your area, say 10-15 mph wind blows then base layers, a big hood, shell and early season are enough to get you through the day. Even if you are a pant size 32 or 34, the line is suitable to cater to your L”B”. The jacket is longer than most of the others. Tall guys that have difficulties in finding upper sizes amongst the munchkin town types, won’t have to face such problems. The sleeves of the jacket include a three way closure system at the cuffs to buckle up at the ends. There are 4 pockets in the jacket and 2 in the pants, that are spacious enough to store your cell phone, gloves including other day to day carry ons’.

Kryptek Koldo

Kryptek Koldo is sheathed by a three layered membrane. The membranes protect against heavy snow and winds, also providing the necessary insulation. It is waterproof ofcourse, like many others. The jacket and pants are lined underneath with bonded laminate below the knee and elbow areas. These regions help man to function and so they are safeguarded under laminate. There are a total of 5 pockets on the pants which are enough to carry the usual items and they prove to be very roomy. The three zippers on the pants allow free movement during the course through highlands and slant slopes. If you’re wearing long boots, they’ll easily come off with the help of these upfront openings.

Badlands EXO

Badlands EXO is known for its durability and long lasting nature. It has kept many hunting men dry throughout their adventures. It weighs so less that it is easy to carry around, fold or drape it across your arm. It is stretchable and can be folded just like a newspaper. If you’re travelling, it is always better to carry it folded in your backpack or a glass flask. You never know when strong winds blow your way. Though I’d not approve of the pockets. There is one each for the jacket as well as the pants. But then again, the less stuff you carry the less you’ll be weighed down by the burden. However, there are built in pockets along the waistline of the pants.

Sitka Gear Downpour Jacket

Sitka Gear Downpour Jacket as the name suggests, is used in rainfall season or monsoon. It is equipped with 100% Gortex Technology. It sounds quite complicated but it is a thick layer waterproof membrane called ‘Gortex membrane’. Overall, the jacket seldom makes any noise and is easy to move into when worn. One of the many features accounts for its covering from head to toe. The pants and jacket really keep the show tight and easy to set into. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. The setback is that the jacket does not seem durable. A few customers have reported that the fabric material had altered after slight usage. Others have problems with the customer service representatives. It all comes down to whether or not the article made your journey easy. Some might not care about the durability and may consider a one time use. Despite the setbacks, we would all agree that hunting in a dry uniform is preferred over a few changes in the material of the fabric. So don’t you worry about getting all soaked up, because this jacket keeps you dry throughout. You cannot go wrong with Sitka today!

Under Armour UA Storm Scent Control

The UA Storm Scent Control is waterproof and sweat resistant. Only a few of the rain gear jackets appear to be sweat controlling. Its manufacturing process included a testing under 55 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a lot, if I may add. It is warm as it is fully layered. Fully mobile and easy to take off and on, it is also coupled with ColdGear Infrared Technology. This is a way to distribute all body heat under the thermal. A zipper is inclined right next to the collar. The jacket is suited enough to conceal scent from prey. The women’s line has no opening for a harness tether. It’s a necessity of course, with the mount hiking. Can’t really expect women to sit behind, now can we? If the harness tether is worn around the collar underneath the jacket, it causes the most uneasiness. I couldn’t really say that UA jackets don’t offer the desired qualities. Obviously they do. It’s just that with a harness tether opening, it would be a gigantic success in the market!

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

The Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit extends from the chin to the toes. It is a great fit for hikers that go for long hunts. It speciality is its non-woven material that allows easy breathability and water resistance. It is thin and can be folded easily to carry around or keep safe in a closet. It protects the gear underneath it. Some reported that it leaked and calling it ‘swiss cheese’, saying that it was too fragile for hunt. Frogg Toggs seems to be wilted and torn apart easily in heavy downpours. Though the new Frogg Toggs addition appears to be the cry of the town. People are starting to make their purchases and seem to be more satisfied than they were with the originals.

Guide To Choose Best Hunting Rain Gear


The durability in the rain gear is important for anyone who decides to make a hunting trip in monsoon. It depends upon the layers of membrane underneath the fabric. The nylon and polyester needs to be stout enough to outcast harsh rains. Most of the jackets last from 9 months to 1 year. High quality jackets and parkas’ tend to last for upto 2 years or more.


During the course of trekking, waterproof jackets are a must have. Rain gear jackets are made of synthetic fibre which provides the resistance against water. They may not provide 100% resistance as the clothing is prone to opening gaps along the sides of the parka. Though, to add, it does benefit over long journeys and most of the hunters return back to their homes, dry.


Unfit gear often becomes a barrier to a good hunting trip. Many tall and muscular guys have reported that the rain jacket often stretches up from the shoulders to the end of the cuffs. This is very uncomfortable. The fitting issues have been put an end to, now that XL tall and XL upper are available. If you’re skinny, then you can have your gear fitted and tucked around your build.


If you’re quiet, that is when you catch your prey. Hunters often have problems with noise. They have to hunch down, lay flat, and look sideways for any possible danger. For many, the most annoying sound comes from brushing against the brambles and twigs. Many rain gear professionals use an external layer called an evolution fabric. A bit of noise may naturally be caused by slight movements. Otherwise, the evolution fabric serves the purpose of prevention against noise.


The zippers account for greater use than a hunter can imagine otherwise. Large front zippers mean less stuffiness. Tight waterproof zippers are effective in protection against rain but they seem to be more uncomfortable. Some of the front zippers are waterproof while others have storm flaps for the same purpose. Even if you have the storm flap front zipper on your jacket, you’re good to go for the hunt.


Rain gear jackets are seldom accounted for light carry on items. Most of them are engraved with a layer of evolution fabric for avoiding bumps and bruises. This makes the item heavy to carry The plus side is the durability and protection it provides. These jackets are never lightweight. The multiple layers of nylon and other poly fabric make it hefty. Though the Kuiu Teton parka is comparably lightweight as compared to the rest.


Hunting down animals resembles the official workout. The body tends to release a lot of sweat and breathing becomes difficult when you’re climbing a slant slope. If you’re using a plastic or a rubber jacket, you would be releasing sweat intrinsically with no means of it to escape in the surrounding air. For your information, Cabela’s 4MOST DRY PLUS provides a sheath of protection against excessive sweating.


Price is measured by the quality, right?
Kryptek Koldo’s jackets are on a goose chase. 200$ for one of these jackets? While Cabela’s and Under Armour Ridge Reaper provide the suitable average. If you’re all too keen to spend money, then it might be better to get a 300$ hunting gear. It is always cost effective to get hunting gear that provides good quality and reasonable price.


What hunting gear suits you depends upon the quality of features it provides. Water resistance, breathability, lightweight and seam protection are only some of the factors that hold importance. Variations in camo patterns, durability and insulation are essentials. All of us would agree that hunting gear needs to be waterproof. So look for material which is the most authentic. If the fabric is good, so is the insulation against cold weather. Now that you’ve gathered all what was needed to know regarding a hunting dress up, we are sure that you’ll be making the right decisions. Whether it is Cabela’s, Frogg Toggs, Sitka or UA and many others, it all comes down to your needs. If you ask me, I would definitely go for Cabela’s or Sitka’s. It’s quite acceptable that they both offer the most quality and they have been appreciated greatly, too. Suit up and make the hunt count!