When contemplating buying a crossbow, most people are spoilt for choices on the best and most affordable model to choose. It is quite normal to get confused as crossbows come in variety of styles, shapes, pulling mechanism, shooting speed and different calibers. However, that should not worry you if you’re reading this post.

You’ve definitely come to the right place to find honest and unbiased reviews of the top rated and most affordable crossbows under $500 on the market. Our extensive buying guide narrows your search to the best five crossbows to buy. Make sure you read through our reviews before making any purchase decision. You’re almost guaranteed a crossbow that will work perfectly when you buy from our carefully selected list.

#1.SA Sports Fever for an Excellent Outcome

If you are an experienced hunter looking for the best and affordable crossbow, then this pick has all the features you might need. It’s an affordable type with the best value for anyone who prefers quality and affordability. In most cases, the SA Sports Fever provides a stress-free experience when in use since its lightweight for you to carry around. The assembling tools are also available to make the set up easier. Besides, you get an assembling video that makes every step right. Other pronounced features you will find worthy include;

Durable 4 – 16″ 2219 Aluminum Arrows

The type arrives with four 16-inch aluminum bolts which are enough to meet your hunting requirements. Despite the arrows being lightweight, they can take down a deer at speeds of 243 fps. You will, therefore, strike a buck at 25-30 yards which is a short distance to some experienced hunters who wouldn’t want to miss the target.

Adjustable Weaver Style Scope Mount

Probably you are this person who fancies daytime shooting on bright days. You will find a flexible scope on this unit to guide you make accurate aims and locate any hiding game. The 4×32 Multi-Range scope sights perfectly and the fact that it rotates smoothly makes it a great deal to aim. Some reviewers found the scope not satisfactory as it keeps on turning hence beginners easily miss their targets. Besides, the scope won’t be reliable during foggy conditions.

Easy-to-use cocking device

The rope cocking device requires some training to master how it operates. This device makes it easy for you to pull the string without muscling. The trigger also comes precisely to help beginners make correct moves.

#2.The Efficient CenterPoint Sniper 370

Another crossbow with an inexpensive price is the CenterPoint Sniper 370. It features durable crafting that guarantees you an extensive use. The type is ideal for beginners, but experienced hunters will find it resourceful when it comes to affordability. Some of the features you will treasure for your hunting needs include;

High-quality 20” Bolts

This crossbow arrives with three durable bolts. The carbon bolts are lightweight and measure 20 inches for efficiency. They deliver 375 grain firing velocity hence ideal for accuracy. For those who prefer heavy arrows will discover this as the best pick.

Safety trigger and dry mechanism

There is a dry-fire mechanism with an automatic safety trigger which is essential for your safety when hunting. Additionally, the cocking rope is available to eliminate the use of muscling when cocking. You will also adjust the stock and foregrip for a comfortable position making the shooting secure.

• The rotating scope

The 4x32mm scope allows you to view any game within the desired range making it easy for you to make an accurate aim. You will find this efficient as the scope easily adjusts to get you a more unobstructed view.

• Flawless design for easy maneuverability

This model is lightweight and comes with a shoulder sling to make your transportation easy. Since it weighs 7.9lbs, this makes it easy to move and carry around.

#3.Barnett 78134 Recruit Tactical Compound Crossbow

If you fancy quiet shooting with a flawless trigger, then your customized features are found on this crossbow. It’s a beautiful type that arrives with all the assembling tools and a guide to enhance easy operation. It’s a lightweight type that makes your movements round comfortable hence ideal for long distance traveling or hiking. You will aim the game with easy since it commands high accuracy. Some of the uniqueness comes in the form of the following features.

• Red-dot sight

Quite a unique feature that makes it possible for you to view the target without closing one eye. Just know that all your eyes will remain open. This is advantageous as you will be able to aim the game as well as monitor the surrounding environment with ease. The scope runs on a battery and comes with eleven dot intensity settings improving your shooting accuracy.

• The cocking device

Instead of muscling back the rope using your hands, the rope cocking device reduces the burden resulting into efficiency and safety. There is also an option for you to improve the output by buying a hand crank or lever cocking mechanism which is compatible with this crossbow. This addition will make the entire operation a wonder

• Well-sized arrows

The model comes with three 20-inch bolts which are durable. The Barnett carbon arrows fit nicely in the provided quiver making the handling much more comfortable.

• Anti-dry fire element

If you consider improving the durability of your crossbow, then this feature is vital. This crossbow arrives with the feature installed and the arrow sits on it correctly making the shooting easier and safe.

#4.The Dependable Barnett Jackal

If you are into hunting or planning to start, you need a dependable crossbow that is affordable. Barnett Jackal is one of its kind that arrives with remarkable features to make your hunting success. This type has a lovely design to get you a professional outcome. Some of the outstanding features include the following;

• Easy to carry around and use

This affordable crossbow weighs 7.7 lbs. and measures 35.5inches length and 26.5inches width. This makes it easy to carry around. You will also find it stress-free to assemble as the needed tools are always available for you. Using it is a gratifying activity as the Smooth 3.5 lb. trigger pull makes the drawing much easy since you pull it without struggling.

• The excellently quality arrows

Arrows determine the accuracy and length of your shot. The accompanying three bolts are 20 inches each and guarantees 12 inches power stroke. The velocity will be at 315 fps making it speedy. Some people have found the arrows to be a bit heavy but efficient.

• Sleek design

This crossbow rekindles your hunting mood. The design is a military style stock with high energy wheels to increase efficiency. Additionally, the synthetic string makes your drawing much more relaxed and accurate.

• Red-dot sight

The red dot sight is all that you need for accuracy. The scope makes it possible as you will be able to open both your eyes and monitor any movements around the environment. The scope is also easy to fix and hence stress-free. This scope comes with a battery for operation. You are advised to carry an extra battery for emergency.

#5.TenPoint Wicked Ridge Invader G3

The best way to brace for hunting is to get a crossbow that is small and lightweight. The best selection is the TenPoint Wicked Ridge Invader G3 which comes with impressive features that turns it to be a high-performance crossbow on the market. We found the following features exciting when using this crossbow.

• Efficient cocking mechanism

You will reduce the draw weight by half, and this comes as a result of the integrated self-retracting rope cocking device with a powerful T2 3.5-pound trigger. The additional safety feature is the dry fire inhibitor which prevents damage.

• Wicked Ridge 400-grain Carbon Arrows

These three great aluminum arrows are designed to last. They measure 20 inches in length. Once the bolt is shot, it moves at a speed of 315 fps which is super-fast. The draw weight is powerful and pulls smoothly and comfortably allowing the arrow to be released noiselessly and aim accurately. The draw weight is 165lbs. Most hunters adore this feature.

• A TenPoint 3X Multi-Line™ scope

When you want to make certain aims, this is the feature you need. It’s adjustable and will get you the right viewing angle and hence makes the distance visible from your crossbow. This allows you to explore the surroundings and ensure you deliver the best shot ever.
You will realize that this model is designed for high speeds and excellent performance, which to most hunters is a great deal for the money.

#6.Amazing Bear X Crossbow Archery FFL

Our last best selection is the Bear X Crossbow 34” Archery FFL that is small and lightweight for a stress-free use. It’s also easy to assemble as it comes with all the required tools. The stylish design makes the crossbow to look excellent and unique. Some of the prominent feature we identified include the following;

• A decent scope for viewing

When it comes to the scope, you will love the way it’s designed to adjust and get you the desired perfect shooting experience as you can use the scope to see the surrounding environment as well as the target.

• Easy to use due to the compact design

The type is well balanced, looks terrific and shoots correctly courtesy of its compact design. The model delivers a draw weight of 125 lbs and runs at a velocity of 335 fps which is excellent for fast shooting. Some people have found this found model to be heavy with an advantage of making the crossbow stable.

• Quiet operation for smooth use

The shooting should be silent for you to get the target quickly. This model has an excellent trigger that pulls awesomely to get you the best draw weight for accurate aiming. Majority of the hunters have realized the affordability of this crossbow that comes with superb arrows for easy hunting.

When considering to buy a high-quality and affordable crossbow for your hunting needs, then this type is recommended.


Choosing a crossbow is no easy task. You to do some research on the top crossbows on the market before deciding on one that best works for you. In most cases, less pricey crossbows have always been mistaken for poor quality which is not the case. You can easily get an affordable crossbow that works fine and sometimes better than the pricey ones. It all comes down to choosing a crossbow that meets your requirements. Our best five picks above are currently the top-rated crossbows on the market and you can never go wrong choosing one.